Model : DTAKSJ-3000 3500

power : 81kw

size : 2800*3100*4000/mm

weight : 8000kg

Product Brief


DT series precision ceramic vacuum filter in ultrasound technology, several microporous ceramics, as a whole, rely on a new efficient and energy saving filtration equipment, vacuum suction and capillary function to realize solid-liquid separation,widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, stone processing industry etc.
Energy saving and high efficiency: large capacity and obvious power saving effect. Processing capacity >>200-1000kg/m2h, using electric < 0.5kwh/h, compared with the traditional disk and filter, saving more than 80% of energy consumption.
Automatic control: high performance series automatic control, automatic feeding and automatic cleaning are used to reduce the labor intensity of operators and reduce the number of operators.
Perfect automatic protection function: automatic fault alarm system, fault screen display function, high and low liquid level display, and automatic elimination or shutdown.
The structure is strong and durable: The machine is optimized by microcomputer, with reasonable structure and reliable operation. The main transmission parts are designed without maintenance,reducing the rate of failure shutdown. The stainless steel structure is adopted in the mixing system. ensuring the service life of up to 10 years
Improve product quality and reduce transportation cost: because the moisture content of filter cake after filtration is very low, it can greatly improve the market competitiveness of products and reduce transport costs and losses in transportation process.

The effect of environmental protection is obvious: as the filtrate is clear, it can be used repeatedly to reduce the emission, which is in line with the current environmental protection trend of clean production.

Application area
    At present has been widely used in mining of non-ferrous metals,rare metals,ferrous metals,non metals,stone concentrate and tailings dehydration,chemical industry, electrlytic oxide slag,leaching slag,slag dewatering and waste acid treatment of sewage,the size of material from -200 to -450 mesh and various superfine material.



Company profile

 “Good moral and diligent practice, precision work will achieve higher goals” , such as Datang spirit and enterprise culture lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development and quality assurance, improving Datang machine in a short period of time. It is in the list of Chinese famous brand enterprises, and becomes the leading enterprise of China’s stone machinery industry.
 Shandong Datang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise engaged in stone machinery with R&D, manufacture, sales and service.The Company mainly produces a total of more than 30 types of products, including stone processing equipment, CNC grinding machine, combination saw blades cutting machine, large and middle infrared bridge cutting machine, infrared bridge cutting machine, CNC stone coping machine. There are more than 300 staffs and workers in the company with a high-quality technology team dedicated to stone machinery. Our company is the star enterprise in Laizhou City, provincial high-integrity stone machinery enterprise, the leading enterprise in Shandong stone machinery industry, and one of the top ten brands in China’s stone machinery.
  The Company sets up the comprehensive quality assurance system from design, manufacturing, sales and service. It has perfect quick service system and parts supply network. With effective scientific management, strong technical force, advanced production technology, and mature production experience, the company always leads the industry, enjoying a good reputation both at home and abroad, exporting to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. The company is committed to providing customers with supporting scheme of professional stone processing equipment.

  After Sales Service

  With acknowledgment of the quality as its crucial element,Datang has established a set of quality supervision mechanism,with which engineers put priority on product design and update the product profile while the quality is ensured so that the best product is available to customers.The products are thoroughly monitored during producing,each of which are subject to strict text and examination by quality inspection department before delivery,and there is no chance for unqualified product to be delivered.As for inspection of parts and accessories,each of which must be strictly selected by engineers that the unqualified one is banned to be delivered so that every part in production line is qualified and the quality of Datang machine can be ensured.The company fixes its eyes on quality of products,for everyone in Datang are engraved with quality standard.
  The quality control mechanism in Datang enables the products to afford the test of time,so that the customers are free from troubles of maintenance and costs of operation as the quality of product is steady.Moreover,it laid a solid foundation for Datang development.
  We emphasized on team for technical service on the outset,so every member of the team is experienced to professionally respond the demands from customers,to assist customer to adjust to machine as soon as possible and to resolve various problems for customers in no time.Datang received enormous satisfaction from customers by professional services and technical support.In addition,we keep on improving ourselves and technical level to provide more after sales services for customers.